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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 12, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> tonight president obama calm comes to the bay area with a plan to guard our security online. >> the company holding fast track gets hit for atrocious customer service. i'm michael finney. a 7 on your side investigation coming up. >> murders of three muslim students in north carolina has touched a nerve around the country. >> i'm cheryl jennings. a four star general with ties to the san francisco bay area. the story coming up. >> here is president obama,
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holding babies and greeting supporters today. >> yes, on a mission to step up the nation's response to the threat hackers pose to cyber security. >> the president arrived about 45 minutes ago or so accompanied by three bay area members of congress. >> the white house confirmed he will sign an order encouraging share are the threat information. >> abc7 news reporter vic lee is live for the arrival tonight. vic? >> that is air force one, of course, behind me. the motorcade took the president to san francisco and he should be at the fairmont hotel by now. this is a secure area of sfo.
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the president walked to the crowd from the plane. he shook hands with people and held a baby. he's not even running for office. president obama has a full day tomorrow attending a cyber security summit at stanford university. sony pictures was hacked, compromising date yaf executives and employees. north korea denied being behind the hack. before that, the victim was retailer target. 40 million records were stolen. president obama says enough is enough and wants to heighten the response to cyber attacks and to
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coordinate intelligence gathered. tomorrow mr. obama will sign an order directing the government and private sector to share more information about cyber security threats. the ceo of red seal cyber security firm will be at the summit tomorrow and says it's a good defense against breeches. >> best way to defeat that is sharing information so that those can be employed to protect them. >> the white house says the summit is the first of its kind a who's who of leaders plan to attend this event. this after many are hesitant about supporting more information sharing without reforming surveillance practices the electronic fronteer foundation.
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>> we have heard how the government has been gathering information. and fbi, often times without courts and without warrants. that now it's time to make it easier for the government to obtain information about the american people. >> mr. obama is pushing for limits on any legal liability for companies that share too much. but the white house says only congress can make that happen. vic lee, abc7 news >> patrol doesn't give us the president's exact route but here is the skyway which we presume is on his motorcade route. you can see traffic about standard moving just slightly better heading south. here is a look at the traffic map. >> let's show you a live picture of the motorcade near the
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fairmont hotel. for security purposes they don't announce where the president is staying but no signs went up today on the streets and a crowd has been gathering there. everybody figured it out, obviously. . the president has no events during the stay. the powell street car lines have been halted until the president leaves town. >> well, here is where the president will be having dinner. we want to show you this house. this will be tomorrow night. the home of sandy and jean robertson, the oldest house in san francisco, tickets going for $10,000 a piece. lower than past fund-raisers. the democratic national committee says the event is sold out we'll keep an eye out to bring out new pictures. >> looks fancy. >> yes.
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>> a 7 on your side investigation uncovered horrendous customer service for bay area fast track users >> yes. transit authorities have slapped a $330,000 feen on the operators of the toll system. >> yes. michael finney has been investigating for months and is here with what he has found out. >> the $300,000 penalty for bad customer service just scratches the surface of what i've uncovered thousands are getting hit with penalties. if you don't have a account you may be in for a fight. >> for a $six ticket it was horrible. >> derek reid supposed to get an invoice for crossing the golden gate bridge he got this. >> a toll evasion notice saying we did not pay the toll. which was impossible to pay because there is no toll takers.
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>> fast track agreed it was a mistake and the fee jumped to $79 he had to pay in order to register his car. derek isn't alone. dozens of drivers complained, saying they're unfairly hit with penalties. this after the golden gate bridge eliminated toll takers >> we know this is a frustrating process >> one reason is because of a major blunder by fast track, saying 16,000 drivers are violation notice last year. fast track is apologizing. as for derek, fast track did remove the fine only to put it back on a year later. >> i'm begging you to let me talk to a supervisor. >> you'll see how long he was on
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the phone and whether he got this problem solved. how many of us are hit with the penalty? who is operating the system? that is tonight at 11:00. >> wow. >> well vigils are being held to remember the three muslim college students murdered in north carolina. there are so many people the service was held in a field across the street from the mosque. the sister of one victim works and a vigil about to get underway tonight. carolyn? >> san francisco general hospital has a lovely memorial garden. this is where friends and colleagues are gathering now.
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she's a sister of one of the victims >> funerals for three college students. newlyweds and his 19-year-old sister. all shot to death not far from the university of north carolina campus. >> college town has been rocked by shootings. >> the host of airack talk a radio show in san francisco. he says the murders come after a rise in racism and islam phobia. the neighbor has been charged with murders. reports say the fatal shooting stemmed from an argument over a parking space. but the fbi is now joining in the investigation as many muslims insist it was a hate crime. >> if a muslim were to kill
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three white americans would that have been reported an incident over a parking space or a terrorist attack? something else some we do not believe, i mean by the muslim community this was anything less than a hate crime. >> victims have bay area connections including baracat's sister, suzanne. a doctor at sf general. there are vigils including scena. >> as a young person living in the united states this, i think this really hit hard. >> the vigil begins at 7:30 tonight. and she says it's time for the community to unite. >> the president is in town and
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might want to study up on what's happening on the west coast port. this video is if long beach. the busiest in the country. the same thing happening tonight in the busy port of oakland. that is where we have laura anthony for us tonight. >> quiet here dan the president's secretary arrived ahead of him here. she says the administration is watching developments and not yet ready to take action. >> john dankerbeck says the work slow down at the port is causing a huge backlog.
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>> the beer is stuck on the warehouse, reducing space for beer packaging for domestic businesses. >> u.s. secretary of commerce says administration is watching developments. but the situation doesn't warrant use of the taft-heartily act, allowing the president to intervene in labor disputes that threaten national interests. >> taft-heartily is a complicated, long process. it's betty if parties were to come to a resolution. >> negotiations are ongoing. >> the president made it clear he wants everyone to resolve this in the negotiating table. and have made available a mediator. >> truckers don't know how much
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longer they can wait. >> do you think it's time for the federal government to get involved? >> definitely. we're just on the side lines. >> now i'm waiting here to get my box out of the terminal. it's closed. how can i get it? the port supposed to reopen with limited activities but close for the remainder of the long holiday weekend. >> there is still more still to come a local man about to get a trance pant. a heart warming valentine's day gift from his wife. >> record warmth in the bay area. where the records were and where we expect them, tomorrow. >> thank you, spencer.
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tonight, cheryl jennings reports from kabul and shares outlook for peace there. >> google taking street view to a new level tonight. mapping the bay, only
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bulldog: mattrends presidents day? get up to four years interest-free financingmpur-pedic cloud collection! ing set ♪ mattress discounters ♪ state fish and wildlife are getting closer identifying mystery goo that soiled several hundred birds. they don't know exactly what it was but say it was a mixture of nonpetroleum fats and oils. it was difficult to remove. 300 birds died and 200 others, contaminated. survivors were released back into the wild today.
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100 are still being rehabilitated after three weeks. >> are you worried about what to do for your loved one this valentine's day? wayne freedman found a love story with a life changing twist. does this resemble your desk? you might relate to sarah brewster counting down to the romantic holiday. >> i know what i'm getting mine. >> he knows, toochl but sarah and jesse married for better or worse, trusting they had a perfect match. never knowing how prophetic. >> is it a romantic transplant? >> i think it is yes. >> why sarah will not return to work six weeks. she'll donate her kidney to jesse. >> it's not about doing
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something for him as it is for me. and our family. i don't want to do our family without him. >> it's a second most common hereditary disease in the world. if your parents have it you stand a 50% chance of getting it. his father had it and his brother died of it. if he doesn't have the operation now? >> i probably would have started dialysis this year. >> it has been said when you truly love someone, you give of yourself this would be the multi multimitt twist. >> first she gave me her heart, then her kidney. >> it's something amazing. >> for your spouse? >> that much more special. >> just beautiful. >> yes. we'll follow progress and wish them well.
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an 8-year-old boy with leukemia is on the road to recovery. his mother sent us this photo. she says he's doing well now. the 8-year-old created this lion named symba out of gauze and tape and hopes to paint it. look how cool that looks. disney is the parent company of abc7. so proud. >> absolutely. >> doing grit great. he loves his room. it's awesome. >> yes. looks good. >> weather looks good, now. we've got clear skies and had high clouds around.
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skies mainly clear. taking a look at highs oakland 79 degrees. 73 in moffett field and other locations highs into 70s. so there is warmth around. if you do go to the beach be careful there may be large breakers. warm throughout the holiday weekend, more record highs likely, and hazardous beach conditions. it's important to remember that. weather bringing us warmer than average. we have stormy weather, several centers of low pressure not able
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to break through they're generating a big swell producing our beach conditions. starting with the date, looking ahead about ten days and notice moisture going into pacific northwest. this is no rain between february 12th and washington's birthday. so a dry spell between presidents. tomorrow, sunshine, warmth and possibly highs. 72 in redwood city. another record high for mountain view. 68 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 70 degrees tomorrow north bay
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numerous locations above 70 degrees. east bay 73 in oakland and inland east bay, we'll have highs into low to mid-70s up to about 74 in livermore, here is the accu-weather forecast. this pattern and a reminder, we're going to have heart warming weather. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> some day your camera could capture evidence of a crime. >> how to find out the camera
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bart is not ready to drop criminal charges as protestors known as the 14th against demonstrators in november. ' request was withdrawn the decisions came at a meeting repeatedly interrupted. >> we're going to have order or clear chambers. one or another. >> we're going to have order or clear the chambers. >> let's move out. >> attorneys asked a judge to dismischarges arguing they're
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overbroad and too vague. the judge has not issued a ruling on that yet. >> the city of san jose is launching a tool that relies on the cooperation of its residents that allows them to notify police they have security cameras if a crime occurs investigators will be able to tap into systems to look for video evidence. >> it will not allow police officers to view live feeds this, is a program people are willing to offer videotape of past events. >> idea is arming police with a accessible data base. fremont had a similar program two years. police were twice as likely to solve a burglarly last year. >> just ahead the changing mission in afghanistan.
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cheryl jennings goes to kabul. >> thinking he's an honorable man. >> two more women come forward with accusations against bill cosby. >> a
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the general in charge of the nato mission in afghanistan wants more flexibility in keeping u.s. troops there. there are 10000 american troops in afghanistan. the president promised to cut that number in half by the end of the year. general campbell told the armed services committee he asked for permission to adjust that timetable. >> i believe we're in a critical point in our campaign. many challenges reveal before us. . >> here is footage in afghanistan. meeting with abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings.
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>> a week ago, working with farmers in afghanistan. >> i might have said this a couple years ago i'm excited about the future of afghanistan. there is a government about the people that understands a great vision. >> that big vision comes from knewly elected president who met for the california based roots of peace founders. his main focus, developing the agricultural economy. >> the armed general in charge of resolute support told me they're fighting hard fro
7:32 pm
detective it's only people. >> they have a lead for security. they're quite proud of that. >> when they die, their memories are honored here every week. >> you saw a member from the afghan army here. under this government they've embraced the international community. >> general campbell understands improving the economy and followed work of roots of peace they plant aid cherry tree as a symbol of hope. i went to afghanistan in 2005 to see a pilot project by roots of
7:33 pm
peace to raise grapevines and now, it's linking farmers and traders after the market. >> general campbell's personal roots trace back to san francisco bay area. >> i grew up as an air force brat. my dad was in marin county. so i went elementary school and junior high school. >> he wants to come back for a visit but his nato mission has a lot to do to help afghanistan move into the future. >> the people want to be able to have education for their kids. with continued support from
7:34 pm
coalition and people like gary and heidi. >> he told me he never dreamed he would be doing the kind of work he's been doing now. the new president promises to work with roots of peace. you're going to see my interview with the president in the next few days. >> just amazing. >> nice to see. >> with good works it must be dangerous. >> it is. and every day, they say goodbye to families don't know if if they're going to come home. >> looking forward to hearing your report. thank you. >> well, general campbell has a
7:35 pm
new boss at the pentagon. ashton carter will be the president's fourth defense secretary in four years. >> two more women are accusing bill cosby of sexual assault tonight. three dozen women have come forward to claim the comedian assaulted them. so far statutes of limitations kept allegations out of court. in los angeles today, two women said they were drugged by cosby decades ago. . >> i was shocked and had no clue how i got there or why mr. cosby was beside me under covers i can't move or speak. >> bill ]/hby appears to think rape is a joke let me tell you something, bill i'm not laughing. >> cosby postponed a show this week in bakersfield, the 77
7:36 pm
cancelled a dozen shows since allegations resurfaced. >> the family of a man shot and killed by police in san jose last night say that he didn't need to die. family members say the 23-year-old was depressed when confronting officers outside of a home on sherman street. he was killed by police responding to a call about an intruder in the home. according to family members watkins made that call. >> my daughter and myself >> officers are on leave. family members say he had no history of mental illness. >> turning your attention to
7:37 pm
something different. last night three power ball winners are not in a rush to come forward. one customer matched five of the six winning numbers. he's a regular customer who bought a single ticket. >> we make a million here. you be the next one. hey! >> he's got the marketing pitch down. the store gets $7000. >> coming up next, street view becoming
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>> you probably know about google street view. soon you'll be able to get a new perspective on the bay area. >> yef. jonathan bloom went for a boat ride today. >> it's just an ordinary boat but getting a lot of attention. >> it's a google boat. >> armed with cameras and batteries, this cata marchan is taking street view beyond the edge of the pavement. >> coolest thing is that everybody is going to see the
7:41 pm
shore line from the bay. >> are you good at it? >> no. it's done with this device the trekker on loan from google. >> the groups are working in areas they care about. >> it wasn't long before figuring out there is more they can do with it. this is the latest hack. >> now on this one. >> they'll cover between 400 and 500 mooin miles of shore line.
7:42 pm
>> i noticed wetlands are more. a lot of those will be flooded. >> if you'd like to look at the view they say that is okay too. >> i'm just interested in getting people connected to the bay. >> in san francisco abc7 news. >> pretty slick. >> yes. >> did you see how nice it was? it's awesome. >> don't wait for bad weather to down load the weather app. it's free at app store or google play. >> could you give up the devices you've come to depend on? >>
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facebook is making it easier to plan your online after life. your account is locked when you die. your family can't even delete it but now you can have someone manage it for you once you're gone. all you have to do is call a
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legacy contact. >> try this at home. ask your kids to give up all their tech just one evening. >> get it give it. >> students pledged to put away smart phones and stay off the internet three days. what it means to be mindfully disconnected. >> this is what down time looks like today. students played card games. you might be asking what is this world coming to? >> a lot of us are just so obsessed with phones. it's too much. we just needed a break. >> at 8:00 this morning, students fourth grade through high school asked to put away
7:47 pm
their smart phone was a tamper proof patch. >> there it is. >> yes. >> kind of frightening first. now i look and think it's going to benefit me. >> texting and face time. >> students made a pledge to take a text time out 72 hours. >> we're going to have conversations in person. with our friends. >> at home, they're expecting several eye opening moments. >> we're allowed to use land lines to call and use a phone book. >> a study showed kids are spending more screen time and that may be affecting their personal growth. resident of the schools of the sacred heart said she's learned that from students. >> if i'm at a table and don't
7:48 pm
feel connected to the conversation, or who i should sit at lunch with i have to pull out my phone. i have an excuse not to be connected. >> having some down time without electronic devices is necessary for the brain to process information. so parents also took the pledge to disconnect. >> i opted to say i will disconnect beyond working hours. >> most here are betting on the kids. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> yes. let's talk about this warm weather. >> yes. spencer has the latest. >> yes. here is a live clear skies. let's take a look at the there has been improvement near the north coast. that region has gone from dry to
7:49 pm
severe drought and no rain in sight for a while. highs into mid-80s. and saturday is valentine's day tomorrow through monday, highs into mid-70s, around the bay and inland sh low 70s on the coast with cooling next week. >> thank you, >> mr. beil is on assignment. >> we're talking all star game already. >> yes. >> getting pumped up. >> yes. >> we'll hear from
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bulldog: mattress discounters presidents day sale ends presidents day? get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ proof of how far the warriors have come in recent years. the coach steve kerr will coach sunday. media frenzy began today, bouncing from one interview to another, some solo, and competitors in the three-point competition saturday night.
7:53 pm
he admits it's a huge deal for him. >> just an example, this is my favorite part. i just want to hit threes and show up and it's going to be fun. >> i think he's going to do well. colleague i'm most jealous of is larry beil in new york city with the splash brothers you can catch his reports at 11:00. after the all star break will rum assume reigns in sacramento. they fired former warriors assistant. tyrone corbin took over
7:54 pm
the coaching lifer and a winner. tiger woods world golf ranking has fallen but daily has game in order. perfect scoring and everything. how about fishing? sun bathing? surf's up. short game not very good. he's a hive long fan. buster posy and matt cane putting for birdie. this is how to get up and down.
7:55 pm
chipping in for par. he told me the repaired elbow is feeling good. there is proof. birdie putt on 17. two off the pace here is daily seventh birdie of the day comes on 18. he shoots an eight under 64 as did this guy. so it's kicks and holmes. including daily and everyone is talking about daily though. one of the best opening rounds in the career. >> it's been a long time since i played that well. >> now i mentioned tiger woods not on a golf course today
7:56 pm
he was in vail showing support for girlfriend lindsay vaughn perhaps trying to figure things out mentally before he can do it physically. so many things wrong with this last video. the party kins for broncowski getting in dodge ball you're out. that is abc7 sports report. >> thank you, collin. >> why one state lawmaker wants to ban yoga pants in public. >> then at 11:00 big problems for golden gate bridge's new toll collection. michael finney investigates the flaws and why drivers are paying the price. >>
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>> and that is it for this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> i'm ama daetz. >> from all of us we appreciate your time. have a good night. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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